Headquartered in New York City, B. Clark Farley & Associates has been in business over a decade  with 30 plus years experience in advanced political and legal crisis management- think, office of Olivia Pope.   We handle crisis management for politicians, athletes, celebrities, and average citizens. Our services as an advanced crisis expert/fixer has also been used by members of the Department of Defense to handle certain military issues.

Our track record of helping entertainers, criminal defendants, and government officials responding to terrorism etc has aided in the expansion of our unique advanced crisis solutions around the world. Services also include crisis/emergency plans, and the ability to supplement strategy in legal and non legal settings such as press and lobbying.

Whether it 's a proactive approach to avoid a potential catastrophic event or dealing with the consequences of a negative occurrence, our firm can assist clients in  protecting their reputation, managing their agenda, navigating media scrutiny, and protecting their assets and image in the marketplace.