The virtual assistant (VA) industry is taking the world by storm, but is still a fairly new concept in South Africa. Very few business entrepreneurs actually know the term "Virtual Assistant" and much less the fantastic benefits they can reap in growing their businesses when partnering with a VA.

This is why Be-Virtual-Assistant-Wise are dedicated to

- Increase the success of Virtual Assistants in South Africa by actively promoting the VA industry within the business community of South Africa.
- Provide a professional but fun-to-be-part-of VA-community with tools and resources based on shared information, continued learning and support of fellow VA's

A win-win situation arises when we
-  increase the knowledge and awareness of the business community on the role and benefits of partnering with a VA;
- provide clients with a South African based organisation to find professional VA's with various skills and
- at the same time give Virtual Assistants in South Africa the opportunity to be more visible to their clients

We believe that every VA has the ability to go from a "GOOD" VA to a "GREAT" VA.

Aspiring for success is the common-goal of our members and our aim is to assist them in achieving that goal.