Producing audio assets for professional delivery applications is the cornerstone of Beady Beats Music Studio professional services.

A Cultural Preservation & Community Development Entity, Beady Beats Music maintains a leadership role in producing the Literary Lyrics Project, a global literacy campaign founded by Imiuswi Aborigine. The Literary Lyrics Project uses hip hop as a tool of learning, applicable for children and adults, as an accelerated illiteracy mitigation tool.
In higher level applications, the Literary Lyrics Project examines poetic syntax innovations, identifying and examining rhythmic enchantment devices to observe the practice of inducement, hypnosis and body-mind control derived from the power of the beat.
A practical and intellectual instrument to introduce critical thought and observational discernment in hip hop listenership, the Literary Lyrics Project moderated by Imiuswi Aborigine is currently available for touring, booking and placements. Project Proposal and Moderated Clinic Scheduling Available by request

Beady Beats Music, in joint venture with Hollywood slanted Bijou Sound Lab, formed Lions Breath Unlimited, an artist centered pop-up record label. Lions Breath Unlimited released the album, Uprising by Imiuswi Aborigine in 2012. Uprising is a dynamic live instrumentation studio album that reproduces songs on the underground electronic album, Lost Angles Found, original released by Imiuswi Aborigine in 2005.

In 2014, Lions Breath Unlimited, centered and based on the works of Imiuswi Aborigine, was dissolved and integrated stock and lock into Beady Beats Music.

Rise and Fall, a hard rocking' and rollin' hip hop masterpiece by Imiuswi Aborigine was placed on the documentary film soundtrack, Grounded, released in 2012.

In 2018, Lost Angels Found Re-issue was ranked on California College Music Radio Charts.

Among a host of past and recent projects and partnerships providing creative and professional services, Beady Beats Music continues work in artist support, music publishing. independent & commercial media release & distribution, and publishing rights administration.

Beady Beats Music has most recently acquired rights to the latest screenplay written by renowned novelist, essayist and screenwriter, Saab Lofton and serves as Producer on the project.