Beanstalk Revenue, LLC is a media technology company specializing in rapid monetization of internet content.  Based in Jacksonville, Florida, we work with clients from around the country enabling them to create multiple revenue streams for both video and non-video media.

Beanstalk's cutting edge technology is available with no minimum traffic requirements, and enables our clients to switch ad networks in 30 seconds or less.  Our Control Panel keeps the highest-paying ad formats in front of the client at all times allowing for maximum revenue to be realized.  

In addition, our free custom player allows video content to be viewed and shared via social networking sites which continues the revenue opportunities as the money-making advertising moves along with the content.  

Utilizing Beanstalk technology, clients are able to monetize their websites from 12 - 24 months more quickly than the typical process. For more information, visit www.beanstalkrev.com or call (800) 419-5414.