Bear Claw Events is the premier choice for outsourcing brand promotion. The modern advertising world shifts quickly, but we keep up with the latest in marketing developments. We use cutting edge interactive techniques geared for the 21st Century. Our team of expert branding professionals uses focused demographic research and strategic planning to ensure a tightly focused promotional campaign delivered to the most receptive audiences. As a result, our emerging and Fortune 500 clients can focus on product development without worrying about brand exposure.

Each of our interactive advertising plans is designed with growth goals in mind. By fostering connections between the public and the brands we represent, we generate greater brand awareness plus increased revenue for a high return on investment every time.

Bear Claw Events specializes in interactive advertising strategies that bring results. Telemarketing, billboards, and other forms of indirect marketing lack the personal connection that consumers prefer. By employing interactive promotions, Bear Claw Events helps clients create a direct link with consumers that attracts their loyalty. Working with our diverse distribution channels, we create dynamic promotional plans to ensure clients experience higher revenue with the improved consumer outreach.

Our promotional specialists make this possible by understanding client objectives and determining their most effective consumer markets. Through targeted demographic research and geo-targeting, we zero in on the ideal markets and how to best reach them. Using this information to design a customized advertising strategy, clients find their brand awareness rapidly increases for higher profits they can measure.

Bear Claw Events has always embraced a different approach to advertising. From the very beginning, our marketing experts have pushed themselves to excellence through merit-based advancement, which continues to feed their desire to achieve on behalf of our clients, large and small. Our dedication to adapting to the newest in market trends combined with continual professional development among team members has made us a force in the advertising sector. Choosing Bear Claw Events for marketing consultation means ensuring a new path towards growth and revenue through effective interactive advertising.