Especially when it takes place away from home, dealing with the death of a relative or friend may be even more traumatic. After the loss of the loved ones, a secure and problem-free dispatch of corpse to the country of residence is most essential for the grieving relatives.
Through its partners, agents and funeral directors in all parts of the world, Be Assistance agency arranges international repatriations to and from homeland in the quickest and most efficient way.

Avoiding perceived delays or poor preservation of remains and controlling costs are Be Assistance's main concerns.

Generally, Be Assistance is requested a regular repatriation from Egypt to abroad and it provides a simple coffin, fulfills all local formalities and finds the best available flight options. Be Assistance's experienced coordinators operate round the clock for best available solutions for:

Funeral case management,
Following bureaucratic procedures with the local authorities,
Obtaining and translating death certificates and other documents
Preparation of the body for international transport / embalming by pathologists,
Necessary arrangements to accommodate religious denominations
Liaising with the collaborator on documents, procedures and timing of repatriation,
Arranging alternative flights and/or arranging transportation to and  from the airports. for any relatives or friends travelling with the deceased.
If the death takes place abroad, Be Assistance repatriates bodies from all around the world being in partnership with the experts in repatriation of human remains. Be Assistance makes all necessary arrangements to ensure the human remains and their relatives' safe return to the country of choice.

We are honored to offer help services after death, preparation and charging foreign corpse from Egypt to homeland and also these services are offered to tourists being in Egypt, belonged to their embassies or foreign insurance Companies and medical services companies all over the world. And the dealing with the corpse program will be the following:
• The competent authority gives our company a mandate to deal.
• Our representative brings letter of authority quickly to finish all proceedings for corpse according to the cause of death
• The body is washed ,prepared, embalmed according to his religion to be kept for a month and put into casket Conforms to specifications by airline company
• If the funeral is hold home, we send a specified car for delivering the funeral from home to mortuary refrigerator while all proceedings are being finished
• Our company is responsible for delivering the insured corpse within 48 hours maximum without any Prejudice.
Note: we have representatives and offices in Sharm-Elsheikh, Hurghada, Luxor and Aswan to finish all proceedings rapidly. These services are offered to insurance companies, tourism accidents, life insurance and general insurance by any side may concern