Following the growing pandemic of COVID-19 across the world, Beat is taking precautions to protect its drivers, riders and employees from the risk of contagion, and help them keep communities safe.

"The world has woken up to a pandemic crisis which impacts the lives of millions of people across the world. We want to ensure that all our drivers, riders and employees are safe, doing everything in our powers to protect the wellbeing of our people, no matter what. We are closely monitoring the situation and taking actions based on the recommendations of the World Health Organization and local authorities, to proactively manage risks of exposure,” said Nikos Drandakis, Founder and CEO at Beat.  

Drivers and riders have already been given hygienic protocols, as recommended by the World Health Organisation, and the procedures to follow if they have concerns regarding possible exposure to the virus. In addition to general preventive communication materials, Beat is already working towards distributing sanitiser products to all drivers, to help keep their cars clean.  

In addition, Beat has taken the decision to close temporarily its Driver Centres until further notice. Drivers and riders are encouraged to keep sharing any questions or concerns they might have through the app.

What happens if a BEAT driver is directly affected by COVID-19? In the event of drivers being diagnosed with COVID-19 by the designated public health officials, they will be temporarily suspended from driving with the app until they are medically cleared. In this case, Accordingly, on the occasion of riders being tested positive for COVID-19, Beat will temporarily suspend their accounts as well.

Since the first cases of COVID-19 were announced in China in January 2020, Beat’s main focus is on protecting its workforce and their families, and assisting with the prevention of secondary transmission and international spread of the virus. Beat immediately applied a Work from Home policy for all Beat employees in Athens, Amsterdam and LatAm, being among the first companies in the western hemisphere to implement this measure, even when the breakout was still at a very early stage in the respective countries. As of the 10th of March at our HQs in Athens and Amsterdam the Work From Home policy was applied and extended to all of our LatAm offices starting the 16th of  March, until further notice.

As part of the office cleaning and disinfection procedure, and on top of our high-standard daily cleaning routine, sanitizers were placed in all common areas and a precautionary deep cleaning and disinfection was carried out at our office spaces in our HQs in Athens.

In addition, all travels, including business trips and training, have been postponed until further notice. Beat employees who travelled in high-risks areas within the last weeks, were imposed in a 14-day self-quarantine for precautionary reasons.

Deeply caring about the safety and wellbeing of its people, Beat will keep monitoring the situation in all countries we operate in, following and implementing the governmental safety measures.

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Beat creates a new ride experience by connecting thousands of passengers with nearby available drivers in real-time. Through the app, you can request a driver 24/7. Beat is more than an app that takes you from A to B. We exist to build technology for a better urban life, to become part of people’s life by making transportation in the city more affordable, efficient and safe, while providing economic opportunities to anyone. The company was founded in 2011 and is part of the FREE NOW group, the ride-hailing joint venture of BMW and Daimler. Beat is currently available in Greece, Peru, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Argentina, with plans to expand to more cities in Latin America, and has a Tech Innovation and Engineering Hub in The Netherlands.

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