Beat This will enhance your workplace by bringing a range of workshops that will unite your group and lift everyone's spirits. Guaranteed to increase morale, concentration and a sense of openness in your workplace.

Workshops include: African drumming, body percussion, guided meditation, laughter yoga, narrative therapy, art therapy and icebreakers. All can be adapted to suit the size of your workplace and tailored to your unique event.

Beat This also runs community classes in African drumming for adults and kids and brings the joy of drumming to events and parties of any type and size.

Our Wellness Retreats are legendary for taking people on journeys to enhance wellness - physically, mentally and emotionally - by facilitating growth in their own strengths and chosen directions.

The retreats vary in format from weekend get-aways that will reconnect participants to their wildish natures to day-long seminars that re-focus direction and bring thoughts and actions in line with chosen direction.

Retreats and seminars can be tailored to workplace needs and held in-house, as part of a work-place event off-site or as a stand-alone event.

Our retreats and seminars are well-known for raising Emotional Intelligence of participants resulting in increased focus, greater calm and more highly functional people.