Think: A fresh approach to clean beauty, SMOOCH sets out to redefine beauty with a Millennial mindset. Founded on the belief that true beauty comes from loving yourself and that life is just too short not to be happy.
What is it? A collection of affordable luxury beauty essentials.

Launched in 2021 with 3 loved serums, SMOOCH have recently announced an additional 11 skincare essentials including a K-Beauty essential Glass Skin range that comprises of  a three step system for the ultimate gentle cleansing experience. Also in the new range includes Glow On (SPF 55+ Oil Mist Spray), Mwah (Lip Plumper), Eyecandy (Lash Growth Serum) and Beauty Sleep (Lavender infused Night Cream). Not only do each of the 14 products in the skincare collection have the cutest names, but they are also suitable for all skin types, dermatologist-tested, infused with vitamins and botanicals and are free of parabens and sulphates.

“We are so excited to finally be able to announce our latest skincare range. This range has been a work in progress for some time, whilst we worked on developing the most impactful formulas for the most desired skincare needs. I personally went on this mission because I could never find anything that I could put on my face that was affordable, felt and smelt luxurious and ultimately was sensitive enough for my very reactive skin. I was looking to feel special without having to fork out insane amounts of cash. The brand was truly my vision. I didn’t want to make it complicated. I wanted to make it fun, vibrant and I really wanted the brand to have a personality that draws peoples attention, but also make them feel relaxed and happy.” – Alisha Ramasar, Founder of SMOOCH

SMOOCH was born during lockdown in South Africa, manufactured in Korea and now available at retailers in the USA, Kenya and South Africa. The brand has seen phenomenal growth in its first year, with even more exciting news to come.

Follow SMOOCH @smoochbeauty.co or check out their website www.smoochbeauty.co


SMOOCH is about defining beauty on our own terms. No rules. No struggle toward perfection. No boring beauty standards. Just us, playing with how we want to look, feel, and live. SMOOCH is here to help with products that are crazy clean, super easy, and always fun. Made with love to create better options for us and our friends. Cause it’s about time that the brands we buy actually want us to be happy by just being ourselves.
Our mission is to drive the self-love movement to infinity and beyond. We aim to provide the most premium quality products at affordable price points. Offering our customers affordable luxury skincare that works and beauty essentials.
Follow SMOOCH @smoochbeauty.co or check out their website www.smoochbeauty.co