This know-how enriches us to a dynamic innovation gain, individual and complex wishes of our customers require specially coordinated solutions.

That is also the reason why we refrain from cheap imports from the Far East without scientific basis, we make use of the experience and recommendation of our - exclusively renowned - technology suppliers.

We intensively maintain our partnerships through technology transfer workshops and comprehensive training courses through participation in medical congresses.

Technologies enable new innovations - but only our many years of experience ensures that they are also applied and implemented in practice for your practice or studio.

As a company with the aim of constantly learning new innovations and passing them on to our customers, we have been attending important dermatological congresses and cosmetics fairs for years.
This allows us to see comparisons of different treatment methods and to directly acquire the latest technologies in the fast-growing age.
We are not afraid to enter every continent in this world to gain the latest insights.

Beauty TECH, as one of the market leading distributors of cosmetic equipment and products, offers a wide product range with various equipment technologies.

Devices for permanent hair removal, skin rejuvenation and treatment devices, devices for anti-aging or products and equipment for studios and practices.

Whether you are looking for a high-end solution or specific products to complement or re-build your existing portfolio, we have the experience to meet the needs-based solution for your needs.

BeautyTECH supports and supplies customers worldwide, it is not a goal, but an achievement, on each continent we can quote customers for reference.
The motivation of our customers for us to make the decision is our international know-how, honesty and passion for our work. Because we offer excellent quality, innovative products and services.
From plasmapen to diode lasers, current technologies are always available.

The technologies at a glance:

IPL systems tailored to your needs: permanent hair removal or skin treatments
Laser technologies: CO2, Nd: YAG, diode laser
RF Technologies: High Frequency, Low Frequency, Non-Ablative, Invasive, Non-invasive
Meso: Dermal Needle Pen, Microneedle Pen, Dermaroller

Please contact us, we will work together for you to develop a technology portfolio tailored to your needs.


from our Products:
Hydra Beauty
a multi-talented antiaging system
Hydrabeauty hydration
Abrasion, deep cleansing, infiltration, wet abrasion, lymph therapy, acid peeling in the 3-stage vortex system with vacuum and water pressure as the newest effective anti-aging treatment

The hydra beauty is additionally equipped with electroporation handpiece which plays an important role for the introduction of active substances as well as for the lifting. If necessary, you can use the existing Diamond Microdermabrasion, which is also part of this unique device.
Hydrabeauty is a painless and effective multi-application. In this process, the properties of water, acids and active ingredients are made use of. Hydrabeauty is particularly effective for dry, impure and coarse-pored skin and can be used on all skin types. This sensational multifunction device smoothes out creases and ensures a skin rejuvenation of the face, neck and décolleté.
It is deep cleansing, intensive peeling and vitalization at the same time.