"I absolutely love what I do! I started this business as a window cleaning business and over the years have added other services to meet my customers needs. It is awesome to see a smile on my customers face and hear how happy they are with our work. Being of service to others is very satisfying...life is good!" – Jim Ordway, Owner

Jim has been in the cleaning industry since 2004. He brings a lot of knowledge and is more than willing to help out in any way he can.

"When it comes to facility care and vision. Jim Ordway is beyond compare. I have worked with many supervisors and professionals I rate Jim in the top 10% of entrepreneurial managers. He has initiative, insight and solid leadership. I have no hesitation in recommending him to businesses as a conscientious professional.” –Randy Harvey
Beckon Call offers the following services:  Window Cleaning, Roof Cleaning, Gutter Cleaning, House Washing, Pressure Washing and other high flying tasks!

Estimates are always free, so contact us today to schedule your free estimate! We also have an awesome online estimating tool, it can be found on our website at https://beckoncallservices.com/get-an-estimate

Window Cleaning: Beckon Call offers full service window cleaning. We clean glass! What does that mean? It means we clean inside and outside windows, mirrors, interior glass (relight windows, doors) and other similar types of glass...just let us know what you want and we will make it happen. Beckon Call is window cleaning Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)

Roof Washing: Beckon Call offers roof cleaning. This roof cleaning service includes getting everything that is loose (needles, leaves, sticks, drones, balls, whatever) off of the roof and out of the gutters, spraying the roof with a roof wash that gets rid of moss, algae and lichens. Beckon Call is roof cleaning Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)

Gutter Cleaning: Beckon Call offers gutter cleaning. This gutter cleaning service includes getting everything that is loose off of the roof, out of the gutters and ensuring the downspouts are running clear. We do not encourage putting on gutter covers, but we do encourage having downspout screens installed. Why? Just ask us and we can tell some stories we about gutters we have encountered. Beckon Call is gutter cleaning Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)

House Washing: Beckon Call offers house washing. This is a gentle and super effective way to get your home looking great again! The process uses very low pressure so no paint chips are flying off your home and it will not need to be painted just to cover up bare spots. Algae, moss are killed and as a result it takes a little longer for your home to get that way again versus just cleaning with high-pressure water. Beckon Call is house washing Corvallis! (and surround areas)

Pressure Washing: Beckon Call offers pressure washing. Beckon Call’s pressure washing service includes a pre-spray that kills the growth on the surfaces and then pressure washes the surface clean. This process ensures a clean surface that will last longer than just pressure washing alone. Beckon Call is pressure washing Corvallis! (and surrounding areas)

“Jim is an intelligent, highly motivated and creative individual. As the Custodial Services Contract Manager, Jim displayed a superior understanding of the latest and most innovative aspects of the custodial services profession. He provided leadership in several key areas moving his organization forward along the path to a highly skilled, efficient and effective organization. His active participation in our Partnering program ensured that the services provided would be better than the minimum required by contract. Jim worked diligently to move his company away from a cleaning for appearance to a “Cleaning for Health & Safety” standard. In addition he takes advantage of opportunities to improve his technical and professional knowledge, skills and abilities which directly improves the quality of services his customer receives. Jim will stand up for what is right and for his beliefs particularly when customer service is at stake” –Gus Villaret