BedVoyage is an eco-luxury brand that blends the best qualities of sustainability, comfort and wellness. We offer products that share our respect for the environment, natural resources, design and craftsmanship, and love for a wonderful night’s sleep!

Our factory is the largest home textile factory in China, and they work within the Institute of the International Association for Research & Testing in the Field of Textile Ecology standards, the global uniform testing and certification system for textiles. BedVoyage proudly offers 100% rayon from bamboo linens, our bamboo is grown organically without harmful chemicals, pesticides or fertilizers.  No pandas are harmed in the production of our linens!  The bamboo used is grown and farmed specifically for textiles, and no natural forests are destroyed.  Additionally, we do not treat our linens with any chemicals. This means that they are formaldehyde-free unlike most wrinkle-resistant cotton and they do not contain any flame retardant chemicals.  Rayon from Bamboo is a fabulous alternative to the cotton standard of bed linens. BedVoyage strives to offer the best quality at an affordable price!

BedVoyage rayon from Bamboo fibers are made by first sourcing our raw materials from non-polluted areas in Asia, and with a farm that grows the bamboo organically. Using an eco-friendly ‘closed-loop’ process, the bamboo is transformed from stalk to chips, mashed into a pulp, processed into fiber, spun into yarn, then woven into fabric. The solvent used to process the bamboo stalk into fibers is continually recycled during the production process, so production factory emissions are significantly lower in comparison to other man-made fibers.

BedVoyage is committed to providing quality in everything we do and is proud to offer the most luxurious linens at an affordable price, so that anyone can experience the joy of sleeping on rayon from Bamboo!
We use only 100% rayon from Bamboo to make our bed linens. Our bed linens are a twill weave which makes them strong and durable, but also amazingly soft.   Our logo is embroidered on the linens so you know you are sleeping on the highest quality linens when you see our mark.

Our Commitment to Sustainability:

Bamboo is one of the most renewable resources on the planet and grows up to 3 feet per day without pesticides or fertilizer, unlike cotton which uses 24% of the world’s insecticides and 11% of the world’s fertilizers.  We also ensure that the bamboo we use is grown organically. The stalk is cut, not pulled out by its roots, allowing the plant to re-grow and be harvested again and again.  Bamboo also plays a critical role in the balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in our atmosphere because it releases 35% more oxygen and absorbs 5 times the volume of greenhouse gases as an equivalent stand of timber trees.