My name is Haylie Plant and I am owner of Bee Bear Children's Designs, I have invented a new burp cloth that will revolutionize the lives of parents everywhere!  This innovative burp cloth is called “The Baby Sleeve" and has a Patent-Pending design.  The Baby Sleeve is a uniquely designed burp cloth that was born out of frustration with traditional products, and their tendency to fall out of place and inability to retain moisture; while feeding and burping my child.
The Baby Sleeve is reversible and sits comfortably on either shoulder.  Its unique design incorporates a draped sleeve to provide additional coverage and stability.  

The Burp Cloth can multi-task for you:
* It doubles as a nursing cover since it is much larger in size
* Due to its waterproof capabilities, it can serve as a changing pad if you are in a pinch; or as a car seat/stroller preserver for toddlers that are in potty training
* When your child is sick and also wants you to hold them, wear The Baby Sleeve across your chest to keep your clothes clean

I am the Creator and Designer for Bee Bear Children's Designs.  Currently, I live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband and two children.   I am creating and running my business out of my home, which is also where I care for children full time.  I graduated from the University of North Texas with a degree in Fashion Design.   I created the Baby Sleeve out of   pure necessity after the birth of my son.  My baby boy had horrible acid reflux and the burp clothes available created more problems than they solved.  I combined my love of design and commitment to my children to create Bee Bear Children's Designs; Bee Bear was an affectionate nick name my older brothers gave me when I was a child.  I am planning and creating more products that will be available soon, so please visit my site often!