Your time is precious and so is your car!  
Sitting in line at the car wash = valuable time wasted.

BeeOnTheGo, a cutting edge, start-up company has a goal – to change the way we wash our cars. The car wash industry has remained stagnant for decades without any new and exciting innovation … until now!  

We at BeeOnTheGo acknowledge that hours are wasted taking care of errands such as car washes - from searching for the location, to driving there, to waiting. And even worse, many times those car washes found online are actually out of business,. which is not discovered until arriving at the car wash location itself. Time wasted!

It is our quest to help the busy bees of the world free up time – busy bees like you! We want to make your life easier through a professional, high-tech, green and cost-effective car wash service. .
How you ask?
Recapture some of your valuable time and go with BEE ON THE GO!