Beer City Festivals was started in 2014 by Joe Boyer of West Coast Dry Goods, a custom screenprinting and embroidery business. Joe has a passion for the craft beer industry and felt he could put a unique spin on the traditional "beer fest". In the spring of 2014 the "Beer City Springfest" was held at the Hudsonville, MI fairgrounds. Hundreds of people showed up to celebrate springtime in West Michigan and enjoy craft beer, cider, wine and spirits. In the fall, another festival was held called the "Zombie Beer Fest", adjacent to a rural haunted corn maze in New Salem, MI. This festival also attracted many hundreds of people, including many who arrived in zombie makeup/costumes. Live music by local bands, artisan food and craft vendors are also a part of these festivals. As well as a service to allow festival goers to check their BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) before they leave. 2015 saw the return of Springfest, and Zombie Beer Fest and we're looking to include addition festivals if the right idea comes along. If you have such an idea, please contact us at info@beercityfestivals.com