As our name suggests we use the Beermat as an advertising vehicle.
We have to be honest it was not our initial intention to use this media; in fact all we knew about beermats when we started was that they were made of some sort of cardboard and everyone either fiddled or flicked or just generally played with them.

Some years ago while working in Spain with “traditional” media, in respect of flags, banners, parasols, radio, newspapers etc. An International Superstore insisted that we added the “Beermat” to their ongoing advertising campaigns targeting British ex-pats.

The response they received from the beermat on this first order was such that not only did they cancel all future orders for parasols, banners and flags in favour of the mat, but they recommended Beermats to Tivoli World, Mijas Hipodromo (Racecourse) and Torrequebrada International Casino.

They told them we were the “especialista de Ingles” (English Specialist) and I became known as the “Beermat Man”. (A name that has stuck with me to this day).

Within a few months we were receiving inquiries and orders from companies that we had not previously worked with or even considered.
Names like FRS Ferries, Servitour, Amena, Onda Cero radio, (Spain’s National Radio Station), quickly followed by REM fm, Wave fm. Car hire companies and estate agents by the dozens ordered beermats!
Newspapers approached us with “contra deals” which we declined. But they still placed orders with us none the less

Motor dealerships of Ford, Peugeot, Citroen, Mercedes-Benz, Seat, Chrysler and Hummer all contacted us with orders.
Our company’s name and fame was spreading rapidly, so much so that we were contracted to promote concerts on the Costa del Sol for, Lenny Kravitz , Rod Stewart, Jamiroquai, UB 40, Bryan Adams and Sir Elton John; all using our Beermats.

The Beermat quickly became our primary marketing vehicle.

Companies across the board were reporting staggering results, in some cases 87% increase in profits which they attributed to the Beermat.
Of course all this is easily explained, these companies wanted to target British people living in Spain.
And what better way is there than the English Beermat?

But then a strange thing happened, we started receiving enquiries from the United Kingdom with requests of;
“Are we able to place advertising Beermats in prestigious venues there”?
The answer to all these questions is yes we can!

Businesses of every kind became interested in this “new” media and within weeks local and well known companies placed orders for our Beermats.

Our philosophy is and has always been; People buy from People and we must all work together.
This is never more true than in these not so vibrant times.

We have now become known as the formost authority in this phenomenal media.