Williamsburg resident and former Republican, Stiphan Beher, today announces his candidacy for Virginia’s First Congressional District as an Independent.     “It is time for your Representative in Congress to do what the constituency wants and not what the Parties want,” said Stiphan Beher. “I am running for Virginia’s First Congressional District in these trying times as there is no better time to bring the Government back to the People!  Had the Government worked on behalf of the People, we would not be in the current situation.”    Beher is uniquely positioned to serve Virginia’s First Congressional District and fight for Virginians.  He has over twenty years’ experience in international business, driving regional growth for several multinational companies.  In addition to his professional experience, Beher has supported economic and sustainable development, working probono in emerging economies on strategies, as well serving with an international think tank.  

Beher earned his bachelor’s degree from Pepperdine University and has studied at Johns Hopkins University towards his master’s in government.    He is a practicing Catholic, married and father of four.