Every person or organization reaches a certain stage in their personal or professional life when they can use the assistance and support of an objective organization to assist them in reaching the next level.  This can be during a time of growth and expansion or a challenging time in need of immediate changes.

What if you could change what is holding you and your business back?
What if you no longer had to be limited in what you desire to create in your business?
What if you could have more ease in EVERYTHING in your life? What if you no longer feared failing and not only reached but exceeded all your targets?

Founded by Laleh Alemzadeh-Hancock in 2009, Belapemo is a professional
services company dedicated to assisting individuals, businesses, and not-for-profit organizations identify, develop and implement their strategic goals.

Through the art of listening and inquiry, Laleh and her staff facilitates their clients
by providing experience, resources, and the necessary tools to reach the targeted priorities while laying the foundation for additional growth opportunities.