We are a video production company, specializing in short videos and documentaries.  Over the past few years we have gone through many changes, expanding beyond the small educational supply company established in 1999. Although we still produce some educational material, we have devoted much of the last decade to video production--first in the educational field, then into weddings. Our wedding productions gained a reputation for a stylish, documentary-like look. And, over the years, we grew a very satisfied cliental. Due to the other direction this company took in 2005, we are no longer producing wedding videos, but have devoted our efforts to feature documentaries and short video work.  Our first feature-length documentary, Facing Sudan, hit the festival circuit in 2007 and garnered two "Best Documentary Awards."  A follow-up, Crayons and Paper, was produced the following year and screened on the Documentary Channel.  We are always looking for interesting projects.

Bell, Book and Camera Productions was founded by Bruce David Janu.  A teacher by trade, he has written several educational books, including The Constitution: A Cooperative Learning Approach, Mouldering in the Grave: A Dramatic Approach to John Brown and Bring Out Your Dead: Recreating the Black Death in the Classroom.

Currently, he is working on his first novel, Lilac Wine and hosts an internet radio station, "The Vinyl Voyage."