Your skin deserves the best

U.S.A. (April 18th, 2012)

We, at Belle d‘Argane, believe that you and your skin deserve the very best. We offer not just chemical free, parabens free and eco-friendly products, but a lifestyle, which is rooted in tradition and nature. We understand that today’s woman leads a busy life and needs easy to-use high-quality products to take care of herself. She expects excellence and nothing less. And hence, Yasmina Marie Slimani, founder and owner of Belle d’Argane, went all the way to Morocco to put together a collection of 100% natural beauty products.

Our Pure Organic Argan Oil* is a well-renowned Moroccan beauty serum made with 100% pure Argania Spinosa (Argan oil). Argan oil is naturally rich in Vitamin E, fatty acids and antioxidants, making it a natural anti-aging and moisturizing repair oil. This non-greasy oil is quickly absorbed by the skin leaving it supple, hydrated and glowing. This pure oil nourishes, repairs and protects the skin while gently reducing wrinkles and fine lines.

Our Organic Prickly Pear Seeds Oil* is hailed as a true beauty elixir. This exquisite prickly pear seeds oil has a very high level of tocopherols (Vitamin E-more than 1000mg/kg compared to 620mg/kg for Argan oil and 320mg/kg for olive oil), and is rich in fatty acids and Delta 7 stigma sterol, which helps support the natural nutrition and protection of the skin. This oil hydrates, firms up the skin and protects it from free radicals that cause skin ageing. It increases skin elasticity, makes it smooth and regenerates for a younger looking skin.

Our 100% Pure Moroccan Rose Water is used as a toner, which replenishes and hydrates, giving you a radiant and healthy skin. It is made with the famous Moroccan Rose found in the Valley of Roses in Kelaat Mgouna.

Discover authentic Moroccan beauty secrets and more exquisite beauty care offerings at www.belledargane.com

*USDA and Ecocert Certified Oil

All our products are:
100% Natural, No Parabens, No Preservatives, No Chemicals, No Alcohol
Not tested on Animals
From Morocco

Belle d’ Argane is about sharing Moroccan beauty secrets with the mission to Empower Women.

Our company works towards bringing high quality, all natural products to women all over the world and we work with women coops to provide work to those women and ensure they get paid fairly.

Belle d’Argane is committed to sharing a percentage of the profits to help build a brighter future for these women.