Found in 2002, Shenzhen Bellsent Technology Co.,Ltd. specializes in R&D and manufacture of intelligent surveillance system. Its product includes high-performance video servers and IP cameras with built-in powerful video analytics, which can automatically identify specific acts of human beings or vehicles and detect regional intrusion, barrier crossing, fence climbing, abandoned package, missing objects, illegal parking and loitering in sensitive regions; it can also automatically control PTZ camera to track the objects and always keep the object in the focus of the camera. Bellsent brought the advanced VTD technology which includes computer vision, model recognition, and artificial intelligence, statistical tests, advanced learning mechanism and so on. Bellsent owns its own national patent. With its nationwide marketing network, Bellsent supports government, Army, commercial organizations and other public locations in building their large-scale surveillance system. With an unique and technological expertise, Bellsent has become the leading supplier of intelligent video surveillance system in China, as its new strategy in international market, Bellsent can provide more choices for customers across the globe. Since 2010, Bellsent has become a leading player in China smart city with its  VIDC based 4+1 technology systems.