SoThin™ is the result of years of administrative irritation. It was born from the wish lists of administrators, programmers and IT support staff alike, all frustrated with the Windows platforms inability to function in a clear and logical way.

Whilst supporting a city based finance house, during a migration from a FAT to THIN client environment, frustrations grew with annoyances such as print drivers and the lack of ability to run latest versions and local applications. This focused the mind, acting as the catalyst for SoThin’s conception.

Three years later, the innovative suite is providing IT departments and Financial Directors with the solutions they've been looking for.

Founded in 2001, SoThin Ltd is at the cutting edge of software technology. The SoThin™ product range has all the capability required to enhance the efficiency of any network, built around technologies from Microsoft®, Citrix® and Tarantella®. In real terms the SoThin™ product range will maximise your return on existing IT investment.

SoThin™ was formed by Thin Client people, engineers and programmers who have high levels of experience with the Citrix and Microsoft Terminal services products.

We believe that the Thin Client / Server based computing environment is the way most organisations will choose to deploy and administer their IT resources. SoThin™ products will enhance the ways in which this is possible.