Ever since its inception in early 2009, SupportSages enjoys to be the most trusted support partner of various hosting companies through its profound technical competency and unparalleled customer service skills. Our core adherence and commitment to the corporate values of fairness, transparency, work ethics and continuous strive for excellence culminates in the form of long-lasting cherished customer relationships, which span across continents.

SupportSages is its team. Strategic long term training and frequent brain storming sessions help each Sage to unearth and hone their potential to the maximum and enable them to move in tune with the industry changes and demands. The state of the art infrastructure facilities with multiple redundancy and fail over systems provide the desired conductive environment for the smooth execution of uninterrupted service delivery around the clock.

SupportSages Profile Our continuing and expanding client footprint entrust us to regularly redefine and set higher quality benchmarks, this elevates customer support from a job to devotion . Our affinity and fulfilment in passionate execution of tasks without any quality compromises, instills confidence in our existing customers to vouch for us and are the true brand ambassadors and promoters of SupportSages.

The varying level of expertise in the team and highly customizable plan features give you the freedom to choose the required talent within your budgetary constraints. When SupportSages handles your support, be assured that your clients are best taken care of.