Bergin & Bath is an emerging British craft brand founded in 2019 by Katie Bergin & Rachel Bath, who design planet-friendly craft kits for adults. They also run art and craft workshops and produce craft content for magazines.

We have combined our passion for craft with our separate backgrounds in print packaging and magazine editorial to create unique craft kits and tutorials for adults. We aim to design projects that delight our customers but also challenge them. To spark learning as well as creativity, exercising both sides of the brain! We initially set up our brand because we believe wholeheartedly in the benefits of crafting for adults; from mindfully focusing on a task and switching off our worries, to the mental boost that comes from each mini success, to the wellbeing that surrounds making something to cherish.

Quality is key. Over the years, we have both tired of buying craft kits that were cheaply made and too quick to finish. What's the point in that? For us, craft is about giving yourself a little challenge, opening up neural pathways, taking time to fully unwind and learn something new, and to be pleased with the finish and quality of the end result. Our motto is #CraftnotCrap
Every one of our kits comes with full photographic, step-by-step instructions and the materials you need to complete the projects. We design, develop and source all of our craft kits ourselves and hope you enjoy making them as much as we do! Wherever possible, we use natural, biodegradable or recycled / recyclable materials and try to reduce waste and unnecessary packaging. It is hugely important to us that, as we create new products and send them out into the world, that we have supported reputable suppliers of high-quality, sustainable materials and helped to reduce the amount of plastic in the world in our own little way.
Our kits include needle-felted animals and decorations, macramé projects for the home and gifts, paper flower-making patterns, beaded bracelet jewellery-making sets, embroidery and flat felt flowers. They make great creative gifts for adults and teenagers and are all suitable for beginners. And we are always adding new kits to our store so that there’s always something fresh to discover.

In an attempt to help make the world a slightly better place, we are also registered with Work For Good so that we can make contributions to both the Alzheimers Society and WWF through the sales of some of our animal needle-felting kits.