Bermuda Corporate Services Ltd. has been operating in Bermuda since 2008. The company provides comprehensive corporate administration services to Bermuda companies and companies registered in Bermuda.

The service is the most cost effective on the island. Our competitors costs range between $6,700 - $10,000 per company plus disbursements. Our services fee begins at $4,000 and ends at $5,000 plus disbursements.

For this service you can expect to receive a company secretary, registered office, 15 hours of corporate administration,and guidance as to structure. This coupled with a more personalized service, a same day response and a link to a Bermuda law firm  (Limestone Law Ltd.) should legal advice be required demonstrates that no other service provider can match our product.

Simon Payne, an attorney in Bermuda was appointed CEO and has been instrumental in driving the business forward. Our success to date is attributable to one thing. First class service.

He say's, "We are in a service industry. The other providers lose track of this fact.  Shareholders expect their directors to be cost conscious in these economic times. They do not expect to have to pay for a service that is second rate. Typical complaints are that the directors are unavailable and no one returns their calls. This in my opinion is an extremely poor business practice and the reason why more companies are choosing Bermuda Corporate Services, either as the initial provider, or as the logical alternative to their current provider."

From complex insurance companies, investment holding companies to aircraft and shipping companies, Bermuda Corporate Services Ltd. is the Bermuda corporate administration company of choice.