A typical "BestComm Promotion" would include giveaways, contests, samples, coupons, discounts and reward programs creating awareness of our product, idea, client, etc., .using a variety of media (social and otherwise) to advertise the promotional messages.  Our campaigns use digital marketing, direct mail, radio ads, television spots, newspaper circulars, Internet ads, social media, websites and special events. We also analyze the results of campaigns to ensure their efficacy.  Critical-thinking and problem-solving skills to create promotions and analyze campaign data.  Artistic abilities coupled with creativity and "team-work"insure the success of our campaigns!  We remain cool under pressure because the nature of the work includes managing people, multiple projects and ongoing deadlines!~

We coordinate the promotional marketing efforts of an organization, a business, a department or several business clients.  We collaborate with a variety of businesses.

As part of the marketing department, we direct the incentive sales strategy of the business or organization, collaborate with creative directors to create promotional campaigns or work alone.

At BestComm we initiate PR strategies, build relationships with the media, write press releases, make numerous phone calls when generating publicity, monitor activities and strategies by writing reports on media coverage data,
oversee content production (adverts, videos, social media and online PR stunts), arrange press conferences and events, oversee market research and social media PR strategies, network to bring in new business opportunities
and manage as well as maintain excellent client relationships