We are a supplier of detailed ebook and blog resources for supporting new non-corporate, iphone apps developers.  The growth curve of the iPhone Application market is nothing short of phenomenal.  In 2 years the number of separate applications available for the Apple iphones has grown to over 100,000 (as at October 2009).  The volume of the iPhone application market is predicted to at least treble over the next 2 years.  Additionally, with competing platforms coming to market, the developer base can only be set for enormous growth as well.

This unprecedented growth presents enormous opportunities for those who have the right combination of bright ideas; technical and marketing skills to capture the imagination of the relatively affluent owners of the current crop of over 30 million iPhones in use around the world.

In the early development days almost any bright idea would find a market, purely through novelty value.  Nowadays, with such enormous competition, it is a daunting challenge to any individual to launch a new application and be confident that there is a market for it.

For the small entrepreneur, the importance of careful market assessment, and very careful targetting of your market through social networking and other web 2.0 channels, cannot be overemphasised.  This is not a business for the casual entrepreneur, but for a highly motivated and clearly focussed entrepreneur or small business, there are still fortunes to be made.  

The Best iPhone Apps Development Guide Company are committed to supplying up to the minute information and guidance for all those who are considering entering this field.