Best of New England is a woman owned business started in 1998. I so loved living in New England and found that other people would ask me about products that were specific to the region. It all began as a hobby with twelve or so crafts that I produced myself. My husband and I thought a website would be fun! In 1998 there were not many to speak of. We thought being able to have a virtual "shopping cart" was a novel idea. We quickly learned that this was not yet a trend. We found two companies in the USA that had this capability. So.........while my husband wielded the keyboard I stood behind him with a text book the size of Texas with instructions on how to use Front Page. Thus, the beginning of Best of New England. The business thrived, growing by two to three hundred  percent a year. I no longer wanted or had time to make any of the product myself. As the years went by I noticed that some of my vendors were going out of business. Some of them had been around since the 1800's. With less and less New England made product I turned my focus to American made product only. In the early 2000's this was fairly easy. But then I noticed a gradual change. Things that were made here had gone "offshore". The salesman would tell me the quality was better and the price lower. I stuck to my guns. Now, I feel like a trend setter. There are so many "made in America" stores on the internet. I guess this tells you something, people are sick of giving their money and their jobs away. We can do it here. Just like we did in the past. A final note..........I just emptied my ninety-five year old Mom's house. Everything from pots and pans to bedding, clothing, even small appliances were made right here in the good ole US of A.