BevAmerica is an innovative and cutting-edge manufacturer of niche beverages and beverage related products. BevAmerica’s team of high minded, experienced professionals combines years of business experience with all-out creativity in order to create new and exciting opportunities for retailers, and a dynamic beverage experience for the consumer.

BevAmerica's first flavor of "Bikini Energy Soda" Pink-Blueberry, was launch in Seattle on July 11, 2009, and has been an instant hit. "Maximus Coffee Flavored Energy Soda", and "Maximus Energy Mixer", along with "Bikini Energy Soda" were all featured at The 2009 Puyallup Fair and The 2009 Seattle Coffee Fest and were extremely well received.

Currently, BevAmerica continues to expland it's market into both independant and chain retail outlets.