Beyond Tile has supplied A LOT of tile.Over 13 years and through a network of hundreds of boutique tile dealers, architects, builders, designers and individuals in countries around the world, we have influenced design globally. We have done projects in restaurants in New York, DC, San Fran, Chicago, casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas like the Wynn, hotels from Dubai to Milan, retail store throughout the US like UGG, Billabong, Sanuk, Teavana, vacation resorts such as the Westin on Maui, The Ritz-Carlton in St. Thomas and over 50,000 homes for discerning neighbors wanting to beautifying their living.

Someone once told us that creating great interior design for your home is, on a very deep and personal level, a game changer. When your home radiates the warm tangible ambiance of a well thought out and coordinated interior design, it becomes a an oasis, a literal retreat from the clutter of everyday life. The time, energy and money you devote to the process of design, material selection and quality comes back ten fold in the form of a home you can't wait to come back to and your friends can't stop complimenting.

Any great interior designer will tell you design is a process and that the materials selected and the synergy of the collaborative elements more than pays for itself in day to day satisfaction and true added value to a home. So find your inspiration, dream of your dream place and make your dreams your reality, you deserve it.