About Bid4Things.com, LLC

At Bid4Things.com buyers and sellers are brought together in our online marketplace without all the fees. You can find great deals on Bid4Things.com because sellers don’t have to increase their prices to cover fees typically charged by other large corporate online marketplaces. Looking for the thrill of a live auction? We also cater to the Auctioneer industry to provide you an easy to use directory where you can locate local auctioneers and live auctions in your area. Join our rapidly growing community today and feel the excitement of bidding on an auction item, or purchase instantly from the many fixed priced items.

Mission Statement

Our mission statement is simple:

· To be an online auction leader while providing innovative technology and a fun user atmosphere without all the fees. To empower sellers and Auctioneers to profit from our service and stimulate the local and global economy. To provide collectors, online shoppers, and buyers alike the platform for finding great deals on just about anything.