BigStep Technologies is a leading Cloud-Native Software Engineering and Product Development company. Our product engineering
and IT services spectrum includes

- Web & Mobile Apps Development
- Enterprise Software Development
- Managed Cloud Services & DevOps
- Backend & API Development
- Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
- Setting-up & Running Global Capability Centers

We also specialize in building:

- Live Interactive Video, WebRTC & Real-time Engagement Applications
- SaaS Product Architecture
- Managed AWS Services

Today, we are the trusted technology partner for many organizations across the globe. Our Clients include over 600
companies, from startups to enterprises, who believe that Digital Transformation and Customer Experience (CX) are critical to their success.

Incorporated in 2008, BigStep is one of the fastest-growing technology companies. Our passionate and dedicated team
of 150+ BigStep'ians ensure we are delivering the best to our Clients. At BigStep, we foster a collaborative culture and
provide ample growth opportunities to all our employees, by offering fast-paced growth along with abundant global technological exposure.