BikeWrappers(www.bikewrappers.com)  themselves are are:

•     A set of three reflective wraps for your bicycle frame that make you visible to motorists from up to a quarter mile away at night.
•     They do not use any permanent adhesives or tapes, rather a velcro closure system, which allows them to be temporary as well as versatile to use on multiple bikes.
•     BikeWrappers are not only a safety product but are also an accessory to customize and personalize your bike, which is where the decorative aspect comes in.
•     They are reversible so that one side is the reflective material for night time and the other is a designer pattern(available in 25 different varieties) that allows you to "dress up" your bike during the day.
•     They protect your frame from scratches, dirt, and sweat since they are machine washable which people like on their bike when they lock it up, transport it on their car rack, ship it in the mail, ride on their trainer, or just simply ride in general.