Billgreen54 Conducts Culture and Relationship Seminars daily with clients from around the world.  He's lived in Nikolaev for several years and has studied Ukraine and Ukrainian Culture as well.  Teaching students English daily, gives Mr Green an inside view of the country and a behind the scenes look at Ukrainian life and more.  Mr Green's perspective on everything from economy to education has become a great source of information for visitors to Nikolaev as well as others around the world.

Below is an overview of a recent Newsletter.  It gives a general idea of what Mr Green does for clients.  Please feel, free to contact Mr Green at billgreen54@gmail.com to find out more about Nikolaev Ukraine and the people who live there.  More information is available at larisaschooloflanguage.wordpress.com and billgreen54services.wordpress.com

We're proud to introduce you to over 50 popular services many of you have experienced as well as our newest additions.  A special THANK YOU!  To all our friends who've helped us do what we do.  We feel very fortunate to be able to own and operate Larisa School of Language and Adult Education Center in Nikolaev, Ukraine.  Teaching language is just a piece of what we do, educating adults in many areas of interest is another.  Culture and Relationship Seminars are held daily at our Conference Room on Sovietskaya Street in Nikolaev.  Our clients include men from many countries who have benefited greatly from information assistance we've supplied, making more informed decisions in the process.  As always, your satisfaction is OUR primary goal knowing that you will experience the highest level of confidence using our Professional Services while helping you achieve YOUR goals.

One of the biggest initial challenges while communicating overseas with anyone is trying to determine a persons honesty and sincerity. As anyone knows, it's just about impossible to get to know a persons level of honesty before both of you meet and spend time together. There are many ways to do this initially and on an ongoing basis.  The key here, is to do everything you can to validate a woman's intentions and history.  She should be able to do the same.  My favorite phrase is, Verify, Verify, Verify.  If you are communicating with a woman in another country, you shouldn't attempt to do it alone.  This is a serious mistake most men make while searching for a woman to love in a foreign land.  Women have the same challenge, communicating with men.

We don't give legal advice or search for ladies or men.  We perform services centered around verification and communication between a woman and a man.  This is where Dating Web Sites and Marriage Agencies fail miserably at actually helping two people come together.  Web Sites and Marriage Agencies are merely introduction services without any kind of support before, during or after finding someone to love.  When two people set out to develop a relationship from two different countries, it's just the beginning of your journey.  Once you find the women of your dreams, now the real work begins.  Our support services are second to none in the world of International Relationship Assistance.