Our product provides a clear and easy way to detect and manage asthma. We provide a point-of-care, low cost device. Our platform allows portable, on-site patient testing that provides results in less than 1 minute.

The asthma industry has not had any sort of technological improvements for decades, and the same methods of diagnosis and management have been used for years. These diagnostic methods are inaccurate and inefficient. We believe that we have the best diagnostic, as well as personal management device for asthma treatment on the market.

BioLum’s technology offers a very valuable opportunity to collect data on asthma all around the world. Our device will be able to collect data about asthma patients, medication and treatment, regional data across the country, and different asthma environments, eventually around the world. This offers a chance to collect data on a chronic illness that affects a large percentage of the population that we have never had the ability to test before.