Founded in 2011, by Paul A. Liberti, Ph.D., BioMagnetic Solutions’ mission is to become a world leader in bio-magnetic separations and their high-end medical applications by providing cutting-edge cell isolation platforms for immunotherapy, circulating tumor cell (CTC) and rare cell applications.

BioMagnetic Solutions’ immuno-magnetic separation systems leverage BMS' proprietary 5th-generation ferrofluids and 30+ years of ferrofluid (nano magnetic liquids) development expertise, IP and innovation. BMS' 5th-generation ferrofluids in concert with our novel multi-parameter magnetic separator systems deliver exquisite cellular isolation systems for: immunotherapy, CTC and rare cell isolation applications.

Having pioneered the development of ferrofluids and the design and manufacture of novel magnetic platform technologies for biological separations from its Immunicon (developer of CellSearch©) lineage, BioMagnetic Solutions’ scientists and engineers provide solutions for high-end market needs to biopharma firms for their immuno-magnetic separation needs.

CellSearch© is the only FDA-approved assay for isolating and characterizing circulating tumor cells (CTC) from blood. CellSearch© is owned and marketed by Johnson & Johnson's Janssen Oncology SBU and was formerly J&J's Veridex unit.