BioNova Lab is a biotech company utilizing a proprietary delivery system that Mimics the Human Cell (NuCell Direct TM) making encapsulated ingredients bio-available to the skin & body. Retailing @ Macys.com

We are pioneering a disruptive delivery system and ability to combined up to 300 active ingredients into one compound.

Our library of active ingredients hosts 30 Proprietary Bio-Complexes - nutrients that combine various lipids, carbohydrates, amino acids and more to target and repair damaged cells.

We have received a recognition Medal Honors from SCS Society of Cosmetic Scientist as well as 2 Beauty Awards.

Our current Targeted Anti-Aging Collection focuses on providing at home care Hard-2-Treat areas targeting issues that to date require procedures such as Botox, Restayln etc.

The Award Winning Targeted Anti-Aging Collection combines 7 Treatments targeting areas such as the Forehead, Upper Lip, Nose-to-Mouth and other areas to effectively boost skin to naturally "Self-Firm" being a filler alternative.

We are based in NY and are aiming to further introduce the biotechnology in the coming future for Pharmaceutical application.