Bio-Oxygen designs and manufactures industrial level Odor Control, Air Sterilization and Air Purification equipment especially for facility air conditioning systems, providing safe, odor and air risk solutions and guaranteeing the best air quality.

Hospitals & Nursing Homes, Schools & Universities, Transportation terminals, Casinos & Amusement Parks, Convention Centers, Government facilities, Plants & Factories, Sewage Facilities, Food Processing Plants, Hotels & Malls and Much more!

Proven globally over the past 30 years in numerous prominent and prestigious venues, Bio-Oxygen works silently in the background, ensuring clean, odor free, fresh air and increased air security – helping to prevent cross infection from person to person, mitigate preventable infections and epidemics from being spread by the air-conditioning system continually being re-circulated within the building.

Once installed in your facility, your Bio-Oxygen system will continually disinfect, decontaminate, and deodorize, ensuring you maintain a fresh, clean and pure air supply.

The pay back will be in every entry into your facility, when, upon the first breath, visitors, family, patients, staff and public health inspectors will be impressed with the apparent cleanliness and freshness of your premises which is a definite win and great for your image.

Breathe fresh, Breathe clean, Breathe pure.
Breathe Bio-Oxygen!