BioPlan Associates, Inc. is a market information service provider. The company offers market information and market research services to biotechnology and healthcare clients to allow them to make better, faster business decisions. We have worked with life sciences companies of all sizes since 1989.

Market Information for Global Biotechnology and Life Sciences

Market and customer information is critical to every biotechnology and life sciences company. BioPlan’s clients use information and analysis to make faster, informed business decisions. Since 1989 our extensive market research and strategic management experience has supported biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies make faster, better critical decisions.

What We Do
We provide analysis, strategy, planning, and implementation services that generate revenue or save money for our clients.  Our marketing experts have the real-world practical experience in your industry segment to understand your market, your customers, and your challenges.  Our process is refined through 20 years of experience in life sciences strategic analysis. We develop customer-centered strategy, planning, and analysis based on solid market information.  You’ll get revenue-generating strategies based on insightful customer research that translates to increased sales. Guaranteed!

Our extensive market research and management project experience covers biotechnology and biopharmaceutical manufacturing, vaccine and therapeutics development, diagnostics, devices, biotechnology supply, physician office labs and hospital laboratory environments.

In addition to in-depth publications, BioPlan services include:
Market & Customer Research
Pricing Effectively
Business Intelligence
New Product Development
Lead Development
Management Programs & Training

Strategic Decision-making; Actionable Information
We bridge the strategic gap between information and action. For 20 years we’ve provided actionable strategy based on customer information. We ensure you receive the information to make smart business decisions…‘Need to Know’ information focused on business results ensures your strategy is based on solid customer knowledge. Our strategy development process is based on bridging the gaps between planning and implementation. We use market information and customer situation analysis to form critical situation analysis. The advantage—you develop critical strategy based on actionable market situation analysis. This improves your marketing decisions.

We Deliver Confidence
Our clients get the decision-making tools, information and confidence they need to make decisions today. We deliver to our customers the ability to make aggressive, rapid marketing decisions. We provide the strategic expertise backed by actionable marketing research. Our experts provide the resources, experience, and databases needed to quickly reach out to your customers! We know your customers:
•     Commercial manufacturers
•     Academic researchers
•     Government labs
•     Industrial labs
•     Medical centers
•     Clinical research.

Market Knowledge Services:
Marketing Research = Risk Reduction It is ‘decision insurance’ that reduces the risks in making business decisions. Customer research can make the difference between a successful product launch and a failure. We use customer needs analysis to ensure the success of your marketing programs.

Publications: Our experts provide articles, white papers, studies and reports to provide you the fundamental information you need.

Methods:  We base our approach on the most cost-effective method for obtaining the voice of your customers. This may involve interviews, focus groups, electronic, or mixed methods.  Our database has been developed over 20 years, and includes your customers and potential customers.