Bringing you the best in security. And the latest in biometrics.

Biometric locks use fingerprint identification as the primary locking mechanism. And Axxis Biometrics has made this advanced technology available to you: whether you’re considering a lock for your home, or for work. While biometrics is the latest breakthrough in security, Axxis Biometrics makes this technology approachable. Dependable. And affordable.

At Axxis Biometrics we design, develop and distribute biometric products – from a single lock to an entire access-control system. Featuring unsurpassed innovation and dependable quality, Axxis Biometrics products set industry standards each day; only to exceed them the next.

We’re here to make shopping for a biometric lock – simpler. Smoother. And easier on you. That’s why we created the Axxis Advantage. Guaranteeing a low price, the best product and stellar customer service, it’s our pledge to you.