The Bio Health Company is manufacturer and supplier of the BioHealthChip® and has launched its marketing and sales activities mid 2005.
Due to the top quality of this unique product and the commercial interesting ratio of price-quality we have enables sales through both national and international sales agents in Europe, North-America and Asia.

For further deployment in the market we are looking for new SALES AGENTS and POINT OF SALES.

Outlets of interest for the BioHealthChip® can be found at:
wholesale companies, retail companies, internet, cataloque, drug stores, pharmacies, TV home shopping, therapists, alternative health, sports, fitness, sauna, beauty and more....

Do you have an interest in Health and Business? Do you qualify with a network and/or outlet in which the BioHealthChip® can be marketed? Do you want to engage an independent business relation with the Bio Health Company or act as a point of sales?
In that case we kindly invite you to contact us. info@biohealthchip.com