Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, FaceKey has pioneered and patented a family of biometric products and solutions that utilize face recognition and/or fingerprints for identification since 1999. Our web page is www.facekey.com.

THE PROBLEM WE SOLVE:  Every manager needs to know who is accessing their facility, their equipment, their cabinets.  For some years, the only access control products were a card or a key.  While that was convenient, it does not meet needs today.  And, those systems with their cables and cards and keys are expensive and easily copied, lost, stolen or shared.

FACEKEY’S SOLUTION:  FaceKey’s solution is to use faces and fingerprints instead of cards or keys for identification.  This solution ensures that unauthorized persons are not granted access.  And we run on your network and are economical and easy to install and use.

NEW PRODUCTS:  The newest product is the Safe Touch-Free Access Control System which allows entry and exit without touching surfaces such as the door and the door knobs.

PRODUCTS: The product line includes Access Control, Time and Attendance, Shepherd Vault Access System, Visitor System and Muster systems. Details for each product are found on the catalog on the webpage. (www.facekey.com)

ARCHITECTURE: Two basic platforms are available, the basic EntryGuard System and the Shepherd Security System which provides additional functions for more complex installations. In addition to the FaceKey biometric readers, the Shepherd supports HID card readers and certain other readers that integrate via Wiegand. Both access control and time and attendance are supported on this platform.

THE FUTURE: Customers want Faster and Better Products and Service – and we have them. Today’s customer has expressed a need for products that provide the highest level of security, fantastic support and the best price. And that is what we do. FaceKey’s products are the future. They operate on your network reducing cabling runs and labor costs and provide superior service.

We like saving our customers time and money. FaceKey products offer many ways to save. If the installation is new, less cabling and labor to install is needed. There are savings on cards, keys and re-keying, as none are required. As you grow, new units can expand the system easily. Using the same core software and database of enrolled faces and/or fingerprints for all products reduces costs one more way. Finally, to upgrade your old system, simply replace your card readers with our biometric readers to add security at a low cost.

ABOUT FACEKEY CORPORATION:  FaceKey (TM) Corporation of San Antonio, TX, a Texas corporation and developer and manufacturer, uses face and fingerprint recognition for identification in its access control, time and attendance, vault security, visitor management and muster systems. The open architecture based systems are scalable; easily customized so that new modules and features can be added; and so that the system can be quickly and easily installed.

FaceKey (TM) Corporation technologies featuring face recognition are based upon landmark patents.