Biosearch Technologies, Inc. is a privately held, ISO 9001:2008 certified and GMP compliant biotechnology company located in Northern California. Founded in 1993, Biosearch is a leader in the design, development and manufacture of oligonucleotide-based tools to accelerate the discovery and application of genomic-based information.  Products include novel fluorescent dyes (CAL Fluor®, Quasar® and Pulsar® Dyes), versatile dark quenchers for DNA/RNA and Peptide FRET applications (the Black Hole Quenchers®) and a specialty line of DNA synthesis reagents.

Biosearch is also a leading supplier of a wide variety of custom-synthesized PCR probe and primer formats for real-time, quantitative and multiplex PCR applications (TaqMan® probes, Molecular Beacon probes and Amplifluor® primers, Black Hole Scorpion™ primers and Plexor™ primers).  By synthesizing nearly all probe and primer formats using our performance-optimized dyes coupled with the Black Hole Quencher® dyes, Biosearch enables researchers to achieve the maximum multiplexing capabilities of their thermal cycler of choice.  Furthermore, Biosearch features RealTimeDesign®, a free web-based qPCR assay design software that brings the latest technical expertise and advanced primer and probe design algorithms direct to your web browser.

In addition to basic R&D applications, Biosearch now leverages its demonstrated expertise in DNA synthesis to the custom synthesis of DNA probes and primers for a variety of molecular diagnostic applications. From bulk qualified probe and primer reagents to fully assembled and ready-to-inventory assays, Biosearch is a fully vertically integrated company that has extensive experience manufacturing DNA for RUO, pharmaceutical/diagnostic IVD, biotech, public health and biodefense sectors.  

Just recently, Biosearch has been granted a license by Genome Technologies (GTG) to sell oligonucleotides world-wide for SNP genotyping within non-coding regions of any genome.  Under this patent, customers can freely conduct such research by ordering oligos from Biosearch to power their genotyping methods.