Birke Baehr is a thirteen year old internationally known youth advocate for
organic food and sustainable farming practices. Birke's mission is to educate
others about the problems of the industrialized food system, while presenting
solutions for that system through advocating the alternative choices of local,
organic, and sustainable food.
Birke was named one of six child environmentalists who have already made a
change in the world by TreeHugger.com Featured on numerous websites,
podcasts, blogs as well as newspapers and magazines, Birke's 2010 TEDx Next
Generation talk,  "What's Wrong With Our Food System," is the most viewed
TEDx talk of all time, with close to 2,000,000 views. Birke continues to speak
and share his message while taking time to work with organic farmers. He will
be  appearing  in  two  documentary  films:  Bite Size, about childhood obesity
and  Choice  Point, a film about "being the change one wishes to see in the