BitFence’s zero-day threat intelligence solution protects individuals and organizations of any size from hackers.

The BitFence suite of security solutions leverages a distributed honeypot network with globally located sensors to detect, deflect, and counteract attempts at unauthorized use on both enterprise-level and home networks. BitFence’s offering, supported by smart-contract based global Cyber threat prevention and leading-edge AI analysis tools, provides zero-day defense to networks unrivaled in the industry today. The BitFence network dramatically reduces the average detection time of zero-day malware as well as adopt and deploy a proactive defensive approach/solution to mitigate other systems from similar cyber threats.

BitFence’s technology uses mining technology via honeynet nodes, operated by their global community. Members mine and detect threats are rewarded with additional HNY tokens which are also used in the BitFence ecosystem to purchase protection services thus providing consistent demand for HNY tokens.