Business For Sale Finder has been designed so that its users, including majority shareholders, directors and advisers, can remain completely anonymous or include as much detail as they like, with no requirement to include a name, address or company (just an email address for registration purposes).

As users can decide how much detail to include, registration can be completed in as little as 10 seconds, although some detail helps other users to understand what you are looking for. After registration nobody will call you up to discuss your "requirements" whilst covertly trying to sell you other services (in fact there isn't even a box to put a telephone number in) and there are no hidden charges. All communication from Business For Sale Finder is via email.

After business sellers create a business for sale listing they can search for business buyers by their criteria, location and role (shareholder, adviser, director, etc.) in relation to the business buyer. Business for sale listings can either be set to visible or hidden.

Business buyers can search through business for sale listings on the website by location, sector, business description, profitability and valuation (but business buyers cannot view or search for hidden listings).

If a business buyer or seller finds an opportunity which may be of interest they can invite the other party to connect. If the invitation is accepted the business buyer's email address becomes visible to the business seller, who can then make contact to discuss the business for sale in more detail.

Business For Sale Finder does not provide any kind of advice or get involved in discussions between buyers and sellers.

Business For Sale Finder also allows users to build up a track record of buying and selling business through adding completed transactions to their profile. This is probably most useful to advisers who want to demonstrate their credibility to business sellers and buyers. Given registration is free it will probably help to separate casual users from serious business people looking to complete a transaction.

We would recommend Business For Sale Finder to business owners, directors and advisers interested in buying or selling a business, as it provides a low risk and free way to explore potential opportunities. However, business owners will still need an adviser to guide them through the process of buying or selling a business.