BizLink Technology drives your innovation with interconnect products optimized for performance and seamless integration. Our array of solutions is underpinned by comprehensive end-to-end service encompassing design, prototyping, product testing, validation and manufacturing.

Our vertical integration provides us with significant ability to contain cost and safeguard quality. Moreover, BizLink can recommend material and design optimization options to reduce cost.
Our extensive engineering capabilities allow BizLink to offer quality solutions for your emerging technologies.
With an international network of tightly run manufacturing sites, logistics hubs and responsive focal points of contact, BizLink is able to adapt to your constantly changing market demand with speed and agility.

With a proven track record of success, our automotive solutions are instrumental to many applications such as power management systems, infotainment applications, power sport, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

BizLink’s medical solutions are crucial to a wide variety of applications from complex diagnostic equipment to multi parameter patient monitoring devices.

BizLink’s industrial solutions are essential to a myriad of applications in markets such as automation, instrumentation, semiconductor, and solar

BizLinks’ IT solutions are instrumental to countless breakthrough applications utilized by industry leaders in consumer electronics, communications, data storage and computing markets.