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Hello ;)

I am Chris Cartmill; a husband, socialpreneur, forward thinker and Co-Owner of BizVizable Vancouver, an Internet Marketing & PR Firm.

My wife and I reside in beautiful Vancouver, WA and collectively contribute to our local community with our skills and assets. We believe that although the world is large and may seem overwhelming at times, planting roots and supporting local causes will generate a stable local community that will thrive with productivity.

Our vision is to leverage big technology to stimulate the local community in a simplified, friendly, and effective fashion. Through PR, we are able to reach those in communities and organizations that have collective visions and goals.

Through PR, our customers experience a "refreshing" advertising campaign that gets straight to the point, doesn't delay the information readers are looking for, provides insight into other relative authoritative sources, and "ties" all other internet marketing efforts together into "Internet Showrooms" for customers to view.

Get your Biz Vizable in 2014...And Beyond!

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