Welcome to India's first C2B portal built on concepts of e-negotiation and reverse auction. On Sellers bid and compete against each other to give you better deals

"The prime market for consumer products in India is aware of the cost benefits and value for money aspect while purchasing any product" - NCAER

Negotiations are an important aspect of all purchases being made by the average Indian Consumer. simplifies this process of Negotiation by enhancing communication and re-instates the forgotten concept: "Customer is King" by inducing healthy competition amongst sellers.

In a nutshell, is a platform which brings together buyers and sellers and provides them with an interface to connect and communicate with each other. While doing so, prospect buyers enjoy access to a larger gamut of sellers, better prices, ease of negotiation, etc. Sellers on the other hand enjoy a larger prospect customer base, a targeted audience, better sales conversions, almost zero marketing price, etc.'s unique model allows buyers to make payments offline directly to sellers after seeing their product. Currently, is functional for Mumbai and will soon be reaching all other cities . The site caters to all requirements for Travel, Hotels, Electronics, Computers, Phones, Home Appliances, Cameras, Office Supplies and Services.

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