Founded in 2004, BlackCherry is an independent game studio located in Ottawa, Ontario.  We bring together an experienced and talented team of designers, programmers, artists and writers to create unique games for entertainment and education. At BlackCherry, we love games and we love the Internet. We also love animation, 3D, mobile and new technologies. Now that's a whole lotta love, and that's exactly what we put into every one of our games.

Our team follows just a few simple rules for making games: Make it fun, make it fun, MAKE IT FUN! Our games range from FLASH-based RPGs to social games, mobile games, and virtual worlds. We use the latest tools, like Android, FLASH and Unity 3D to create content that both engages and stands out from the pack. So if you're looking for a game studio that understands game development, mobile game development, Android, Unity3D, FLASH and how to make all of this fun, make sure to check us out!